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The course is absolutely free for those who registered before 11/05/2021
Elite music education with the best Masters in the world
Study with author's method and start your international career with our team
95% of our students
Winners of prestigious international music competitions
Concert pianists of international fame
Performs in prestigious world-class concerts
Students of prestigious educational institutions
Masters of outstanding level
Who is the pianocourse suitable for?
Music students
Lack of technical skills in performing musical works. The need of preparation for exams and international music competitions
Novice Concertists
The dream of achieving a Concert Pianist level of performance and top level technique to become a world famous artist
Experienced Concertists
Acquisition of virtuoso level technique. Training according to Maestro Tiziano Rossetti's method and beginning of concert pianist career with our team
How will the course take place
You will need a music instrument and a stable internet connection
The teaching will be going online on the course platform. After the entire payment you will receive the information about the course and lesson's calendar
Musical scores and other working materials are provided by the Academy, as well as in the process of work homework will be given, the correction of which will take place in direct communication with the teacher in a mini chat with an interactive mode
Reporting work
At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to show your skills in an online reporting concert, purchase additional services at a discount and discuss possible concerts projects
Swiss Academy of Art
The Academy was born 7 years ago. During this time was formed start teachers team with the best musicians, artists and choreographers in the world
The Academy is located in the heart of Europe in Lugano, Switzelrand. We can propose the worldwide producing
The best teachers
We have an unique teachers team – only the best teachers with the highest qualification
Repertoire analysis
Piano Teaching Methodology
General principles of the construction of the perfect repertoire
How to become a world-famous artist
Technical difficulties and secrets for virtuoso performance
The most difficult works ever written for the piano - study and analysis with Maestro
Self made correction of mistakes
Building of an individual teaching approach
Results after the course
Music students
Easy passing of exams, high-quality preparation for international competitions, the possibility of obtaining scholarships from prestigious universities
Novice Concertists
Improvement of performance skills and professional qualifications, achievement of an outstanding professional level necessary for high-quality employment and competitiveness
Experienced Concertists
Acquisition of virtuoso level technique, creation of personal author's teaching methodology, creation of new professional contacts, beginning of concert pianist career
Piano course participation packages
ISCART Academy team
Famous teachers of Europe
A concert cellist
First violinist Milan philharmonic orchestra
Choreographer of modern-jazz dance, student of the Paris Academy of Jazz Dance
World famous Soprano
Sebastiaan Bijlsma
After joining the ISCART Lugano, Switzerland, online competition for the International Academy of the Arts, I had a great learning experience. The masterclass and lessons, as well as the expansion of the opportunities for career growth that I received from Maestro Tiziano Rossetti and the Academy motivated me very much, I improved my technique and my worldview changed on the way to becoming a concert pianist
Alessia Biasiotto
ISCART ACADEMY and the competition organized by the academy are absolutely the starting point and reference point for young musicians with brilliant dreams and vivid imaginations. President and piano teacher Tiziano Rossetti and his Academy became my reference points after I won the ISCART PRIZE. Thanks for the great project: I will take part in master classes, concerts and there will be a lot of music in my life
Jia Li
ISCART ACADEMY is one of the greatest music academies in the world. Maestro Tiziano Rossetti is not only a world famous pianist but also a great Master. I improved a lot with his course and thanks to him and the Academy I started my concert pianist career with a lot of collaborations, concerts and festivals worldwide. The best experience of my life
Frequently Asked Questions
Who to contact in case of technical problems?
To the technical support of the online academy
Will there be a certification at the end of the course?
How will I correct my homework?
In live chat with the teacher
Are there any bonuses at the end of the training?
Yes, a discount on participation in the master class of the academy of your choice, depending on the level participation in the concerts of the school, for the Maestro package there is a discount in producing
Which package should I choose - should it be determined by the goals and readiness of the training?
Pupils of music schools and colleges at the initial stage of education - suitable for you:
  • 1 basic package Master - if you do not yet have a clear understanding of your goals and the time for which you would like to achieve them
  • 2 package Pro - is optimal if you if you are:
A student of a music school or college, or in the first years of the conservatory and you need to improve your technique and prepare for exams. If you graduate from music school

Is producing available to everyone?
Available depending on the training package purchased and the level of training
Can production be purchased as an additional option?
Yes, after an individual interview
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