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The course is developed on the basis of at least 8 annual meetings during which is possible to deal with various topics concerning the aspects that can improve the performance of an Artist, starting from the stage behavior, how to manage the various emotional aspects, (characteristics which often limit the artist).
The dates for 2022: 30.04 - 01.05 , 11-12.06, 9-10.07

Enzo Campagnoli
vocal masterclass
Maestro Enzo Campagnoli
vocal masterclass participation
Students package
no certification
For everyone who:
1 did not have time to sign up on time;
2. unsure if he needs a course, but is very curious;
3 is very,very shy we give opportunity to assist the cours in quantity of guest.
Riga Symphony
with certification - 5.06.2022
The masterclass is available not only for festival participants.

payments till 15.04 - 250
payments till 10.05 - 300
payments after 10.05 - 350
Auditorium package
with certification
The course aims to bring out that certainty that the artist in general, whether he is a singer, a performer or a musician, needs, in addition to all, the suggestions that can improve performance, intonation control, articulation, weight of sound, timbre quality and many others. Aspects, such as the stylistic choise wich need to be based on the one's characteristics, such as the choise of the piece based on the capacity and sensitivity of one's instrument.


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